Tourist Information




Do's and Don'ts


Whether you are a first time visitor to Chitral or a regular one, whether you are visiting as a back packer tourist or a high profile businessman, whoever you are and whatever your purpose of visit ,here are certain do's and don'ts, the knowledge of which can be useful during your stay in Chitral.






1.  Do your home work about Chitral before visiting the place

2.  Have a clear cut itinerary

3.  Be adequately equipped with clothes for harsh change of temperatures that can happen anytime

4.  Carry enough Pakistani currency. Money changing facility is not good at the Banks

5.  Carry a guide book but don't blindly follow it. Ask the locals,they are helpful

6.  Respect the local customs

7.  Be courteous and get courtesy in return

8.  Be prepared to get stuck up in Chitral due to closure of road and cancellation of flights




1.  Don't venture into Chitral unprepared

2.  Don't take the local people for granted by looking at their their humility and simplicity. They can   be very harsh with exploiters

3.  Don't interfere or be too intrusive about the local customs

4.  Don't discuss religion

5.  Don't try to be too clever as the locals dislike extra clever tourists

6.  Don't accept blind invitations or visits to unknown places without adequate preparation

7.  Don't have immediate flight connections with your return flight from Chitral because the air service is very unreliable and you can get stuck up for many days